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SEICM offices are located throughout Southeast Iowa. For office locations please click here

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Independent Case Management, Inc. (ICM) is a social service agency that provides support to individuals who are diagnosed with brain injury, chronic mental illness, mental retardation, and developmental disabilities and who are Medicaid eligible. We also serve individuals who qualify as frail elderly, those who receive 100% county payment for services, and those who are able to privately pay for their support. ICM is a private organization that subcontracts with thirteen counties in Southeast Iowa area forming a consortium, which creates the single entity "Southeast Iowa Case Management (SICM)." Through SICM, the counties are able to combine their efforts and share resources of funding and personnel. SICM also serves 21 other counties in Iowa through a mutual agreement with the individual county's Central Point of Coordination and Board of Supervisors.

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We have a staff of about 82 employees in seven offices and serve approximately 1500 individuals. Our primary responsibility as a case manager is to the individual to act as an advocate by informing them of their rights and responsibilities as citizens, and to secure and link them to essential services that have been identified by the interdisciplinary team. We provide consumer driven programming and assist each individual to progress to increasingly independent functioning, in a setting that is less restrictive, age appropriate, and integrated into the community.

Targeted Case Management is defined as:

A service that assists Medicaid eligible individuals who reside in a community setting or are transitioning to a community setting in gaining access to needed medical, social, educational, housing, transportation, vocational, and other appropriate services in order to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of the individual.

Targeted Case Management helps to link individuals to the service agencies and support systems that are responsible for providing the necessary direct service activities, and then coordinates, monitors, and reassesses these services on an ongoing and regularly scheduled basis. Targeted Case Management does not provide direct services.

Targeted Case Management emphasizes that the service system be based on the unique characteristics of each person. In addition, all services should promote the development of each person's abilities specific to their needs. The use of natural supports within the community is encouraged. The Targeted Case Manager assumes responsibility for seeing that the above principles are met.